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KLC Outdoor Cone Burner

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The Outdoor Collection made of hand-poured cement, offered by KL Collection, showcases a variety of unique shapes, all eye catching and optimized for being displayed outdoors.  Each piece is hand-painted with three colors to choose from. The fuel used is water-soluble and ethanol-free with a high flash point of 104 ºC / 220 ºF, igniting when paired with burner. 

∙ Clean-burning – releases water vapor and CO2
∙ Safely burns with minimal emissions
∙ Non-toxic source, can be easily disposed with household goods

The Cone with 4" LovinFlame fuel burner utilizes our patent-pending technique for amazing durability coupled with a manageable weight. It is offered in 3 different custom colors for you to choose from and measures 14" wide by 5" tall